Experience in Detail

Telstra 6/2015 – 6/2018
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Senior Product Engineer (through RXP Services)
  • Leadership: Led the network, process and IT analysis and solution design to integrate with NBN’s fibre-to-the-premises, node, building, curb and & hybrid-fibre coax networks.
  • Financial: Project investments above $20M on products with revenue above $100M.
  • Customers: Enable simple transition to NBN access with equivalent performance at minimum possible cost to Telstra.
  • Risk: Mitigated myriad solution risks through design: verify service before legacy disconnect.
  • Delivery: Met deliverables with technical sign-off authority and active in all testing phases.
Telstra 9/2013 – 5/2015
Project Manager (through engageViidacom)
  • Leadership: Hands-on Project Management to lead Unified Communications teams (12 FTE). Developed the architecture roadmap at for the entire 20 month project at system level.
  • Financial: Developed the financial model for $3M capital and operation expenditure.
  • Customers: Calling across multi-vendor services simplified use of video collaboration for staff. Cloud-based services designed for product development and revenue generation.
  • Risk: Support planning and communications for improved availability and customer advocacy.
  • Delivery: Tracked complex schedules and escalations as required. Hands-on in cutovers.

Nextgen Networks 8/2010 – 5/2013
Nextgen Pure Data

Enterprise Architect & Manager, Business Support Systems
  • Leadership: Defined an Enterprise Architecture with a phased transition of applications, processes and information models to meet Nextgen strategic goals. Rebuilt and led the BSS team of 6 developers, 5 business analysts and 2 testers.
  • Financial: Met key financial targets, Reduced revenue leakage.
  • Staff: Improved staff job satisfaction through a well-structured requirements-to-deployment development processes; established policies to ensure team members balanced work and non-work life.
  • Customers: Improved access to customer information online. Consolidated customer & location data into well-structured databases.
  • Risk: Initiated a disaster recovery solution; initiated an independent security audit and risk analysis with mitigation planned.
  • Delivery: Introduced IT systems and process that reduced the cost of provisioning customer services; delivered a new IT platform architecture that improved IT availability.

Fujitsu Australia 1/2007 – 8/2010

Principal Consultant
  • Lead, Telecommunications Industry
  • Practice Lead, Sustainability
  • Member, Enterprise Architecture Practice
  • Structure, manage & deliver Business Consulting assignments using the Fujitsu Macroscope™ methodology in Enterprise Architecture
  • Contribute to the growth of Fujitsu Consulting business, including business development, recruiting, mentoring & process improvements
  • Develop Fujitsu Consulting’s Enterprise Sustainability methods and lead the business in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania
  • Maintain personal utilisation above target, develop intellectual property and contribute to margin.
Recent Clients additional to ‘recent accomplishments’ above
  • Australia Post: Requirements gathering, consensus building and full RFI process to select strategic mobility software. (June – August 2008)
  • Mission Australia: Develop innovative funding model incorporating carbon emissions trading for Mission Australia’s urban renewal employment program. (Dec. 2007, June 2008)
  • RailCorp: Develop the enterprise architecture for RailCorp’s Safety & Environment Group, including business analysis and target applications architecture. (September – December 2009)
  • Acacia: As part of its NBN bid, Scott modelled the proposed telecommunications network’s environmental impact and used the model to develop Acacia’s sustainability strategy. (June – August 2008)
  • Members Equity Bank: Review the bank’s architectural documents and EA processes in the context a system upgrade. (February 2009)
  • Deakin University: Lead the development of Deakin University’s ICT Enterprise Architecture framework from a business, data, application, and technology perspective. (July – September 2008)
  • Victoria Police: Analyse data centre architecture and deliver an Industrialisation roadmap to improve cost/benefit. (June – December 2007)

Hewlett-Packard Asia-Pacific 1/2006 – 11/2006
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Solutions Creation, Broadband & Media
  • Build solutions capability for broadband & media including IPTV, media storage and content management.
  • Develop and execute a business plan for selling IT consulting and SI solutions valued at $17M to the communications & media industries across Asia-Pacific.
  • Qualify the addressable market demand & identify new priority target customers in Asia-Pacific, such as Media Corp, Singapore.
  • Developed complete IPTV Bid Submission Kits for repeatable, high quality bid & project work.

Hewlett-Packard Australia 2/2005 – 12/2005
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Solutions Manager, Business Support Systems & Broadband
  • Develop and execute a business plan for selling IT consulting and SI solutions into the Telco industries in Australia & New Zealand.
  • Consulting and SI delivery to Telstra, Optus, Hutchison and other telecommunications clients, with consulting practice orders of $3M p.a
  • Build solutions capability in BSS, including Revenue Assurance, Fraud Management, Billing Mediation, Business Intelligence and Broadband.
Hewlett-Packard Australia 6/2004 – 2/2005
Solutions Manager, Broadband, Infrastructure & Applications
  • Build solutions capability in 12 areas including Broadband, IT Consolidation, Microsoft Services, Adaptive Enterprise, IT Service Management and Enterprise Application Services
  • Responsible for line management of 5 senior consultants, plus project management of up to 46 delivery consultants
  • Achieve business results for the consulting practice of $7M orders p.a. while reaching, revenue, margin and cost-of-sale targets
Hewlett-Packard Australia 11/2001 – 5/2004
Solutions Business Manager, Broadband & Rich Media
  • Responsible for line management of 4 senior and 11 associate consultants.
  • Won & delivered Telstra broadband SI projects valued at $20M in OSS and BSS for service access management, delivered on time and under budget.
  • Developed the process framework that managed the financial risk in complex SI projects with 60 staff, over 12 months duration, developing several 100k lines of software, including management of offshore software development.
  • Invested in creation of a breakthrough Video-On-Demand (VOD) solution and achieved first customer deployment with 2 months
Hewlett-Packard Australia 10/1995 – 11/2001
Practice Manager / Senior Consultant Telecommunications
  • Responsible for line management of 9 senior and associate consultants
  • Achieved orders of over $5M in broadband business and 124% of target
  • Developed breakthrough solutions in real-time billing mediation for Telstra
  • Develop the overall Solution Architecture for Telstra’s BigPond products
  • Designed and managed a major upgrade to the BigPond email system.

Telstra Corporation 8/1984 – 10/1995

ATM Platform Manager, Network Products Broadband Network Strategy, Network Products
Project Leader, Research Engineer, Telstra Research Laboratories
  • Lead development of integrated platform solutions using ATM technologies for new and enhanced products.
  • Project Managed Austpac modernisation to create the SDN, offering new Frame Relay and ATM services.
  • Invented and patented ATM virtual path concept; now part of all standard ATM networks.